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Membership in MTNA, ISMTA and DAMTA comes with the following benefits:

  1. Automatic subscription to “American Music Teacher,” a peer-reviewed periodical published six times a year
  2. Registration fee waiver for first state conference
  3. Opportunity to enter your students in our AIM syllabus program
  4. Access to a network of about 22,000 music teachers across the nation
  5. Opportunity to attend a state and/or a national conference every year
  6. Opportunity to complete the MTNA Professional Certification Program
  7. Opportunity to apply for grants
  8. Opportunity to enter your students in state and national competitions
  9. Discounts on insurance
  10. Opportunity to meet other local teachers in your area.

Local dues are only $10! In order to join, please fill out this attached application form, or contact our President.